CILS Certificate Exam

The CILS certification, created and issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena, attests to one’s linguistic-communicative competence in Italian as their second language, covering all six levels of language and communication ability (from A1 to C2) as set out by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Fu Jen Italian Department is the only authorized certifying center in Taiwan.

Cils共分六級,分別是Livello A1、Livello A2、Livello Uno-B1(第一級)、Livello Due-B2(第二級)、Livello Tre-C1(第三級)、Livello Quattro-C2(第四級),檢驗義大利語的溝通、認知、語言專業及研究能力。考試內容包括聽力、理解、結構分析、寫作及口語。

A1、A2適合義大利語初學者;通過Uno第一級者,具備日常生活溝通能力;通過Due第二級者 ,得免參加義大利大學入學之語言考試;通過Tre第三級考試者,於計算大學入學考試總分時可加分;通過Quattro第四級考試者,其語言能力可應用於專業職場,包括教授第二外語義大利語,同時具備就讀義語教學研究所資格。
Livello CILS A1  
A2 Livello CILS A2  
B1 Livello CILS Uno-B1  
B2 Livello CILS Due-B2  
Livello CILS Tre-C1  
C2 Livello CILS Quattro-C2  

There are 6 levels of CILS certifications:


Livello A1

Livello A2


Livello Uno-B1 (B1 Standard, B1 Citizenship)

Livello Due-B2


Livello Tre-C1

Livello Quattro-C2

All the examinations cover what are viewed as the most important elements in language acquisition: speaking, reading, written composition, analysis of structures of communication, and listening.

CILS certifications are recognized both in the workplace, in education and at university. A1 and A2 are targeted at beginner learners. CILS Uno-B1 denotes the ability to use Italian with autonomy in authentic everyday contexts. Students who have obtained CILS Due-B2 are exempt from the language test organized by Italian universities. Students with CILS Tre-C1 or Quattro-C2 may obtain extra points on our admission list . With CILS Quattro-C2, holders have a completely independent use of Italian in all formal and informal situations and the capacity to effectively use Italian in professional contexts. They’re also qualified to teach Italian as a second language or apply for a master’s degree in TIFL.


CILS Eligibility Criteria

All foreign citizens, Italian citizens residing abroad (descendants of Italian emigrants) and foreign immigrants in Italy may request to take the CILS exam. There are no age limits, and applicants are not obliged to possess educational certificates or degrees, nor is it necessary to have obtained lower levels of the CILS in order to attempt the attainment of a higher level. A fee is charged for sitting the exam.


The Examination and Certification

Each part of the examination is evaluated independently, so to pass the exam you must have obtained the necessary grade in each section. Candidates who do not pass the entire exam in one session have 18 months to retake the parts that they have not passed.


The CILS Examinations

Examinations take place in official centers across the globe and these centers also deal with registration for the exams. The Department of Italian, FJCU is the CILS Outreach Examination Center for Taiwan. The CILS exam will be held twice per year, respectively in March and in September. For all information regarding registration details, sites and dates, please refer to the latest announcements on our official website.